ErgoPlus Project Summary

The Challenge – Oxfam HQ

  • To reduce lighting, heating and cooling running costs with minimal capital outlay and little or no impact on staff;
  • To save energy and maximise energy efficiency;
  • To reduce carbon footprint of the building.


The Solution

  • Programme of replacement of  existing lights with low energy/LED lights;
  • Reduced the running hours of tea water boilers;
  • Reduced timing of lights so that they take less time to switch off after periods of no movement being detected;
  • Installed a light sensor so that, in some areas of the building, lights switch off automatically on bright days;
  • Installed a low energy Dyson Air Blade Hand Drier in toilet areas;
  • Altered the base set point temperature of the building in line with clocks changing in Spring and Autumn;
  • Altered the set point temperature of the Dry Coolers from 5°c to 15°c to prevent the Chillers from coming on automatically.

Results: Reduced C02 and Reduced Bills