Ergo Plus Project Summary

The Challenge

Conduct two surveys  for The Harley Street Clinic:

  • A lighting survey.
  • A thermal imaging survey of electrical distribution boards.

Produce detailed reports and undertake remedial actions .





The Solution

The full lighting survey involved providing a breakdown of the luminaires installed, on a room by room basis; assessing whether an emergency function existed and identifying whether emergency luminaries passed the three hour discharge test.

We discovered that a significant number of emergency light fittings did not pass the three hour discharge test and recommended that the situation was rectified at the earliest opportunity. Also, the lux levels were, in places, low for purpose and further lighting upgrades to LED were recommended.

The thermal imaging survey of distribution boards involved inspecting the distribution boards, circuit breakers and related wiring/cabling, in the context of the associated loading.

The distribution boards were all found, in general, to be in good working condition with no elevated heat sources. Most circuit breakers were also found to be operating well within the acceptable parameters for their related circuits and associated loading. However, remedial action was taken in the few instances where distribution circuits and the relating cabling were incorrectly sized or appeared to be drawing a considerable load and, on completion of this work, the installation was in good operating order.