Ergo Plus Project Summary


The Challenge

Carry out a test and inspection of the Electrical circuits within Amigo Hall, St Georges Cathedral, Soutwark, London, SE1.



The Solution

Ergo Plus Facilities undertook a full electrical survey of Amigo Hall and all circuits were tested.

Though the installation was found to be generally of a good standard there were nevertheless multiple deviations from the BS7671:2008 standard and in several locations termination of said cables required remedial work.

Ergo Plus therefore recommended the following:

  • Reconfigure the associated circuits to ensure local circuits are on a common phase and remove the risk of 400v between appliance.
  • Further investigation required with all plates being removed, and cables being re-­‐terminated.
  • Replace twin socket outlet.
  • Provide and fit RCD quarterly test labels to all locations with associated equipment.
  • Re-terminate cables as required.
  • Replace existing bond with cable direct to local distribution board and terminate
  • Fit grommets to all necessary metal enclosures and reposition cables so as the outer insulation provides required insulation at these points.
  • Isolate distribution board and correctly terminate cable with cable gland into the body of the distribution board

Electrical Test and Inspection

Survey Report

Reccommended Remedial Actions


Customer Satisfaction